Coffee filter

Coffee filter


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Introducing our coffee filter collection, featuring the eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper filters: our reusable flannel coffee filters. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these filters offer a durable solution for your brewing needs.

Key Features:
1. With a focus on longevity, our coffee filters boast an extended service life, sparing you the hassle of frequent replacements commonly associated with disposable options. Simply give it a quick clean, and it’s ready to brew again, no need for constant purchases or maintenance.
2. Constructed from robust flannel material, our filters facilitate smooth coffee drips, ensuring a delightful cup every time. Say goodbye to excess waste with our eco-conscious design, reducing disposable materials and contributing to a greener planet.
3. Equipped with a stainless steel handle, our coffee filter provides ease of handling and use, whether you’re brewing at home or on the go. Experience the full flavor potential of your coffee with our filters, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable taste profile with each sip.
4. Designed to segregate sediment, our filters facilitate a short and continuous pouring process, enhancing the brewing experience for aficionados of handcrafted coffee. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or out and about, our filters are the perfect companion for coffee machine enthusiasts, providing unparalleled convenience and quality.

Experience the difference with our phin coffee filter collection, where sustainability meets superior taste. Elevate your coffee ritual with our coffee filter parachute and discover the joy of a perfectly brewed cup, every time.

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Dimensions 110 × 100 × 100 cm



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