Stainless steel coffee filter

Stainless steel coffee filter

(98 customer reviews)


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Folding hand-made coffee filter cup filter-free stainless steel coffee filter fine encryption filter drip appliance

Material: Stainless steel

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 50 cm

Black, Black 2pcs, Foldable White

98 reviews for Stainless steel coffee filter

  1. R***m

    nice build, nice finish and as described

  2. Y***i

    Great product, thank you, and I quickly connected
    no remark

  3. R***r

    Быстро пришло. Хорошо упаковано. Выглядит качественно. Как на картинке. Оценить товар не могу – брала в подарок.

  4. J***I

    It's 72 days before Estonia.
    Bottom of two nets (not collapsible) while the new is washed
    Well, how then ….. ????

  5. R***r

    Cool thing! And washes quickly and conveniently and reusable super advise all

  6. U***r


  7. K***h

    Think not as good. Membrane box Ebony convenience off Jim.
    Just Cali leotards stripper writing more or equal to refuse.
    Mug Cup like mouth must be made.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. K***n

    Good quality. Exactly as described. The filter works but you must have beans ground to the appropriate size to ensure they don't go through the filter (i.e not ground for pour over).

  9. N***s


  10. S***K

    Hello everyone … we have lift-off ! Get your mug 7.5 – 8 cm for comfortable blast off … the quality of this rocker will brew you coffee all the way to space & yes … its perfectly packed for a safe ride to your CoffeeLand . Roger & out !
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  11. C***e

    works well!

  12. E***a

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  13. A***o

    wszystko zgodnie z opisem super szybka dostawa

  14. R***v

    доволен. получается так же как при варке в турке. отличный вариант для работы, если нет кофемашины. надеюсь хватит надолго, ничего не случится с фильтром
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  15. A***o

    Funciona perfectamente. Ahora si, tardo muchísimo en llegar pero el vendedor no tuvo la culpa, es por la situación actual
    no remark

  16. J***k

    Fast delivery, well protected goods.

  17. I***a

    Super! 18 days delivery. Thank you!

  18. U***r


  19. N***n

    Top quality product as described, quick delivery will deal again

  20. M***i

    Thank you.

  21. V***v

    очень долгая доставка

  22. E***n

    thank you so much

  23. R***i

    رائع وحجمه صغير لكن مناسب للكوب

  24. J***j

    the product is high quality and the delivery was fast

  25. R***h

    Great but filter is small

  26. J***r

    bad shipping.

  27. H***h

    Hi, I just receive the shipment , looks good but still I didn’t tried it , not the same cup / mug size as in picture but it is fine and manageable to use it

  28. A***o

    соответствует описанию и фото. нержавейка.

  29. V***v


  30. N***n

    маленький компактный…..запакован очень хорошо. спасибопродавцу .еще не пробовала…испытаю отпишусь

  31. A***r

    The item was never delivered after more than three months waiting. The seller communication was very poor and rude and refused to give us refund. Very disappointed. Buyer protection period is over dispute still in progress.

  32. A***a

    Отличная вещь! Пришла в РС(Я) за 11 дней! Очень быстро. Продавец умничка, сразу же отправил.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  33. E***a

    фильтр не плохой, но все равно остаётся не большой осадок
    no remarkno remark

  34. S***a

    وصل خلال عشر أيام

  35. D***o

    Well packed with double box.
    no remark

  36. S***a

    للاسف تم طلب كوبين 2 مع الفلتر ولم يصلني سواء واحد فقط وراسلتي المتجر بأن هناك خطأ في الشحن ، وقال سوف نشحن لك الكوب الاخر واعطاني رقم تتبع والان لي 3 شهور لم يصلني الكوب الاخر اريد استعادة الاموال ولاغير ذلك علماً انه اعطاني رقم تتبع ولاكن لم يصلني حتى تاريخ اليوم ويقول بأنه وصل للجهة المرسل إليهااا ؟!؟!؟!
    no remarkno remark

  37. V***v

    Упаковка хорошая, пришел быстро. Выглядит весьма неплохо. Но пока не испытывал, надо собраться и испытать 🙂

  38. P***d

    This item came as per photo and description can recommend this item and seller
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  39. T***a

    Отличный фильтр, пластиковый стакан и сама сеточка из нержавейки. Очень хорошая упаковка. Коробка скорее всего помята изначально, так как при такой упаковке помятся сильно она не могла, но это не имеет значения так как коробка все равно г…о. Ехала долго, около 2 месяцев, безтреком. Продавца рекомендую.

  40. A***m

    الحقيقة كما تراه في الصورة ، ولكن كنت اتمنى ذكر بأن الوعاء زجاج ، تم تجربته والجودة قوية وصحية ودقيقة .

  41. N***i


  42. J***s

    Muito bom! Prático e o café fixa bem encorpado, pra quem gosta de café forte é uma boa.
    no remarkno remark

  43. N***G

    Love the product, more eco friendly to the earth for recycling.

  44. F***H

    ممتاز حسب الوصف والطلب
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  45. N***s

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  46. N***s

    no remarkno remark

  47. N***s

    ممتاز جدا نفس الوصف
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  48. M***m

    تجربتي للمنتج جدا ممتازة يغنيك عن الفلتر تماما طعم القهوة طيب

  49. R***r

    Товар был получен. До места назначения (Казань), посылка шла 14-15 дней, упаковка не повреждена, все целое. Упаковано в картон и целофан. Фильтр просто волшебный, это просто нечто. Сделано все на отлично, качественная сборка. Все как на фото, двойная сетка, удобный размер, я всем доволен. Спасибо продавцу за хороший товар.

  50. A***n

    Excelente producto, muy buena calidad.

  51. V***o

    опробовал заваривать кофе,неплохо заваривается,но быстро становится теплым..?!

  52. S***m

    تمنيت لو ان الغطاء مو سيليكون ويكون بلاستيك او شي ثاني الخامه جميله والكوب جميل ، الفلتر قريب جدا عند الصب ، والبائع متعاون

  53. A***r

    La peor compra que he hecho durante el tiempo que llevo comprando, no envían el producto compeñto
    no remark

  54. J***a

    Like the picture.

  55. A***K

    Delivery is very fast. The filter is excellent, when brewing coffee, the water does not flow immediately, and gradually that better opens the taste of coffee as natural as this allows such a way of cooking.

  56. E***a

    A magnificent filter, coffee brewing is now a pleasure, it is very high quality

  57. G***g

    Good filter for brewing coffee, no need for paper disposable filters

  58. A***G

    Amazing quality, the best I 've ever seen, is good glass, and the filter the best I 've ever seen in PLAN MINI. To make coffee just made in the office.

  59. N***n

    Very nice.

  60. A***i

    Great product for coffee and fast delivery thanks to the seller and the product is well preserved during delivery
    no remarkno remark

  61. D***v

    Water immediately passes through coffee

  62. D***o

    It seems not bad, but not a full mug is recruited, because you need a flat bottom.

  63. A***v

    Delivery to Volgograd 14 days. I buy 2 times. I advise you to buy.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  64. A***m

    Good quality

  65. F***i

    Exactly the same. The material is good and very clean its only flaw is that it needs a paper filter because it is what the coffee once means I tried all coarse grades from 6 to 9 need to lower the coffee where impurities.

  66. D***k

    There is not enough adjustment of the height stops, as when using a small cup, the filter is immersed in liquid.
    It is better to make 2 pairs of stops at different height level.

  67. E***i

    Fast access and excellent product packaging

  68. M***i


  69. S***r

    good product

  70. D***z

    Good product, recommended

  71. A***o

    Delivery took about two weeks. Very fine sieve, slowly filters minutes 3 per cup. But there's no sand.
    no remark

  72. A***o

    Cool… like! Recommend!

  73. G***a

    Very nice mug. The seller-5 points, asked to pack well, was afraid that they would break during transportation. Packing is super!!! Fast Delivery
    no remarkno remark

  74. S***V

    It came quickly.
    The filter is unexpectedly small diameter for a children's mug.

  75. N***a

    13.09 ordered, 29.09 received mail. In appearance, a very high quality filter.

  76. M***o

    Great! Delivery from China is so fast that Russia often takes longer. Everything is super, packing, very strainer, qualitatively done, thank you very much to the seller.

  77. M***a

    amazing coffee filter! so practical, it works just fine!
    Really fast shipping too, thank you!

  78. E***e

    The product corresponds to the description. The seller is in contact and answers questions. Super fast shipping!

  79. M***z

    Cm filter good quality. Recommended.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  80. K***g

    Excellent quality!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  81. N***t

    Nice mugs! Thank you!

  82. E***e

    The order came quickly. The seller answers all questions. The product fully corresponds to the description. The packing protects against any damage. Also put the gifts! Great seller!
    no remark

  83. B***b

    Not delivered

  84. A***G

    It's the second time I 've bought it, what I like most of all is the glass, which is borosilicate, R stands at high temperatures.
    The filter is the best for transport.
    Anyway everything is perfect!
    Very fast delivery, at least a week and a half approx, not counting weekends.

  85. I***v

    The coffee machine is excellent and economical.

  86. S***i

    The product arrived in good condition and his presence was a good choice and I will ask him again certainly and I will recommend the store your right Product thank you to the seller for the upscale deal and thank you again from the best products that have received my admiration and appreciation, thank you thank you thank

  87. C***t

    sister loves it

  88. A***a

    Very convenient thing when you need to quickly make coffee in a mug. It turns out as in a coffee maker. Filters almost completely. It's easy to clean. Compact enough. Does not enter all the mugs. In a Grant glass of standard diameter without a RIM will not enter. Diameter 65mm, + protrusions under the ears 5mm (2,5 on each side).

  89. J***o

    It plays its role, it's small so you have to slowly pour the water, in the end when the glass is filling you have to hold it with your hand to drop all the liquid.

  90. M***s

    Excellent Product, glass is glass, the lid is silicone, comes with 1 spoon and a sponge, the coffee filter is excellent and comes with your cork so as not to burn.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  91. V***n

    It came quickly packed well to prepare coffee did not try, I will try to add a review
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  92. S***k

    The product fully corresponds to the description and photo. Quality compact filter for brewing coffee right in the mug. Great option for a trip. Fast shipping. Packed in a inflated package, when shipment did not crumple. The quality of the filter is very good, there is a double grid. Coffee is filtered perfectly! I strongly advise the goods and the seller!

  93. S***k

    Quality compact filter for brewing coffee right in the mug. Great option for a trip. Fast shipping. Packed in a inflated package, when shipment did not crumple. The quality of the filter is very good, there is a double grid. Coffee is filtered perfectly! I strongly advise the goods and the seller!

  94. M***v

    Size Small on one small tea, holes small setbacks does not fall into the cup

  95. S***.

    Good seller, fast shipping (only 10 days to Israel). good packaging.
    The product do filter coffee, but it's slow, you need to wait.
    but it does the job.
    Coffee is better now 🙂
    it's not good to put coffee in the filter and spill the water on it, you need to wait until the water drains then spill more water.
    After all, I think it's good.

  96. R***h

    This is the second time I ask the seller to fast shipping and deal more than wonderful
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  97. J***s

    Great Filter! Recommend. Brazilian, buy without fear. Ta coming fast.

  98. Y***i

    The product is very terrible,, saves time and effort for lovers of V60, its quality is not bad, I recommend buying it,, the price is suitable,, in general the product is terrible and worthy of purchase,, excellent dealer was shipped the same day purchase and delivery within 12 days and did not need to communicate with him
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

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