How To Program A Black And Decker Coffee Makers? Quick & Easy

Black and Decker’s coffee makers are some of the most popular coffee makers on the market. They’re easy to use, simple, and capable of making quality brews without much hassle or fuss on your part. However, as common as Black and Decker coffee makers are, not everyone knows how to program their Black & Decker coffee maker. This is a problem. You don’t want to end up with half-brewed coffee in your cup if you don’t know how to use the controls of your machine.

Turn On The Coffee Maker

To turn on a Black and Decker coffee maker, simply press the on button. If you have selected your cup size, adjust the filter basket so that it is centered over the heating plate. Next, add water to the water reservoir and set your desired brewing time using the timer knob. For example, if you are using a 12-ounce mug, set the timer for five minutes before pressing start; however, if you are making two cups of iced coffee, set the timer for ten minutes.

Then just plug in your coffeemaker and wait for your favorite brew! When you’re finished drinking all the coffee, be sure to clean out the pot. Simply remove the carafe from its base and pour any remaining liquid into a sink or another container (if you used ground beans).

Empty any grounds that remain in the pot by shaking them into an empty container or waiting until they are cool enough to scoop with your fingers or use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Lastly, wipe down the inside of the carafe with warm soapy water then dry thoroughly before putting it back on its base.

Brew a cup of water (skip if using Keurig K-Cup)

Here are the steps to brew a cup of water in a Black and Decker coffeemaker: First, fill the reservoir on top of the machine with fresh, cold water. Insert a used filter in the holder if you’re using one. Select the size of your cup or mug. You can choose from either 8 ounces or 12 ounces.

Place your mug under the spout at the top of the machine for filling with hot coffee or tea. Open it by pressing down on its lid, fill it as desired then replace its lid so that it snaps closed tightly. Push the button on the left side to start brewing. The 2-hour indicator will show how much time is left before your coffee finishes brewing.

Push the button again to stop brewing when you want (no need to wait until 2 hours have passed). If you want your pot of coffee ready in advance, open up an empty pot from a previous batch, place it next to the one currently being brewed and close both pots’ lids tightly.

To start brewing into this new pot, push down on its lid too but don’t open it up yet! Pressing down again will stop brewing when needed – when both pots are finished, take them off their holders together.

Press Brew/Pause Button

The first step in programming a Black and Decker coffee maker is pressing the brew button. Pressing this button will set the timer for the amount of time you want your drink to brew. When you press brew, the clock will start ticking, indicating that time has been subtracted from the timer.

Pressing the brew button again during this process will subtract more time from your desired brew time. You can pause brewing by pressing brew again while it is brewing–this will reset the timer back to zero or finish brewing if you have already started it by pressing brew again when it was not paused by pressing brew once already.

Push 1, 8, or 9 For Strong Coffees

Black and Decker’s models have three pre-set brew strengths: regular, bold, and strong. A machine will automatically brew one of these settings when the corresponding number is programmed into the delay brew function.

This can be done by pressing the program button on the back of a unit, or by using its inbuilt menu which is activated by selecting one of three buttons on the front: regular, bold, or strong. A clock faces with numbers around it pops up on the display screen. Pressing these numbers corresponds to how many minutes you want your coffee brewed ahead of time.

Push 0 For Decaf Coffee

To program your Black and Decker coffee maker, press the program button. The red light should come on in the window. Press the hour button, then the minute button, then the AM/PM button that you want it programmed for. For example, if you want your morning coffee ready at 7:00 AM, press the number 7 first, then 8:00 AM.

It’s that simple! Now when you push start or brew, the machine will be pre-programmed with how much time is left before brewing begins. You can also set a timer to turn off automatically once the desired amount of time has elapsed. Simply wait until the coffee finishes brewing and the red light turns green.

Push the delay brew button located below the start button. Next, use either arrow keys to select how long you want it delayed (1, 2, 3 hours) or enter a time manually by pressing enter twice for each number you want. Set your desired delay time by pressing any arrow key again until you get back to zero (0). Finally, hit start or brew, as usual, to begin making your cup of Joe.

Push ONCE for Single Cup

How do I program my Black and Decker coffee maker? Simply push on the brew button with one finger for a single cup. Pressing it once will immediately begin the brewing process. Push again to repeat the cycle.

Push TWICE for Full Pot

Brewing a pot of coffee is as easy as pushing two buttons. To brew a full pot of coffee with one push, first set the desired amount of water by pressing the 1 Cup or 2 Cups button. Next, press and release the on/off button (a double-click) to turn on the machine.

The machine will automatically preheat before it begins brewing your beverage. Press again when you are finished brewing to turn off the power after an hour or push twice if you want your cup sooner!

Wait up to 3 minutes for it to brew then enjoy.

How do you set the timer on a coffee machine?

The timer is programmed in hours, minutes, and seconds. For example, if you want your machine to start brewing at 9:00 AM each morning, set it for 09:00 (9 hours) followed by 00:00 (0 minutes) and then 59 seconds. The same applies if you want your machine to brew at 7:00 PM every evening—set it for 19:00 (7 hours) followed by 00:00 (0 minutes) then 59 seconds.

To set up the delay brew feature so that your coffee machine begins brewing 10 minutes after you press the Start button, select DELAYED BREW START from the menu. When prompted with a choice of up to 10 minutes, enter how many minutes of delay you would like before starting your pot of joe.

The delay time is shown in hours and minutes as well as how many cups of brewed coffee will be produced during that period. When setting up this feature, make sure there are sufficient grounds in the filter basket so that your favorite morning pick-me-up will be ready when it’s needed!

Setting the clock

Once the coffee is made, remove the carafe from its heating element by using a towel or hot pad. Turn on your Black & Decker Coffee Maker. Follow these instructions:

  1. Press the programming button at the bottom of the LCD panel to set your time for how you want your machine will make it the next morning
  2. Press the timer button that corresponds with the desired number of hours until when you want to have your cup of Joe
  3. Press start once your timer has been set

Cleaning The Black And Decker Coffee Makers

Before you begin your cleaning, let the machine cool down for an hour. Remove any excess water or grinds before you put them in the dishwasher. Turn off the machine, then unplug it from the outlet. Once you’ve finished with the inside, wipe down its surface with a damp cloth.

Add some white vinegar to a small bowl of water and scrub away any stubborn stains or build-up on the carafe’s exterior. Dry all parts with a soft towel before reassembling them. If you have time, set the machine on auto mode so it can heat up while you’re doing other things around the house – otherwise simply turn it on once you’re ready to brew another pot.


How do you set the timer on a coffee maker? To set the timer, make sure that you have filled the water reservoir with cold water. Next, press the cup button if you want to make one cup of coffee, or keep pressing it until you’ve reached your desired number of cups.

Pressing the time will display how much time is left in hours and minutes. Once finished press any button except the timer again, or turn off the power by flipping over the machine’s switch on the back of the machine, for this setting to be activated.

How do you program a coffee machine? To program the machine for when you want it to start brewing, fill up the water reservoir first. Then press Time on the digital screen to enter programming mode. Choose how many cups of coffee you would like (1-4), then choose how long you would like before starting brewing (15-60 minutes). Finally, choose what time you would like it to start brewing (i.e., 7:00 am).

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