How to Make Mojito Coffee? Quick & Easy

We all have to drink coffee every day, and today, it’s one of the most popular beverages in the world. But what if you could make your coffee different and with no sugar? We are talking about mojito coffee which will surprise you with its incredible taste! So, what ingredients do you need to prepare this amazing drink? If you want to know more about it, read our article below and find out how to make mojito coffee without sugar!

Mojito coffee can be used as one of the ways to lower stress, improve metabolism and lose weight! Mojito coffee has been popular in Japan recently because it has many amazing health benefits. The unique taste of this special drink will keep you coming back for more, and it makes you healthier at the same time! This article will teach you how to make mojito coffee at home!

Step 1: Prepare all ingredients

For a perfect mojito coffee, you will need:

sparkling water, 1 fluid ounce, to taste

mint syrup, 1 tsp.

a cup of ice cubes

sugar, 1 teaspoon or to taste

make one fluid ounce of freshly brewed espresso

you can use as much whole milk as you need

two teaspoons of dark rum or two mint leaves, to taste

Step 2: Grind The Beans

Grinding the beans will produce a stronger, fresher tasting coffee. You can use a manual grinder or a blade grinder for your beans. A blade grinder is recommended because it’s easier and faster than using a hand grinder, but be careful not to over-grind the beans! Grinding too much will produce a burnt taste. Beans are ground in different fineness depending on what type of coffee you want to brew (you can choose between espresso, filter coffee, or French press).

Coffee grinds are graded on how coarse they are. The smaller the particles are ground down, the more flavor they’ll release and the more pressure they’ll need while brewing. This is called extraction. If the coffee grounds are too coarse, water won’t be able to fully extract their flavor.

If they’re ground too finely, then there will be too many grounds mixed into the drink which could cause a buildup of sediment at the bottom of your cup or pot. You should know that when choosing which size of the grind to use for what kind of drink, it’s important to pay attention to how quickly you want your drink to finish brewing. 

For instance, if you have 30 minutes before work starts and you don’t have time to wait for espresso to brew, then a medium grind would be perfect for you. But if you have some time before work starts and are looking forward to taking a moment for yourself with an iced coffee, then a finer grind would do better.

Remember: It doesn’t matter which level of coarseness your coffee is ground into; as long as the coffee grounds are evenly distributed throughout the pot or cup, your drink will turn out well.

Step 3: Put the Ingredients in the Machine

This is an easy step. Simply place all the ingredients, in the order listed above, into your coffee machine. To make this a delicious frozen drink, be sure to chill the milk before putting it in. This will give you a slushy beverage that will cool you down on a hot day. If you are not using your recipe for espresso, iced tea, or sugar-free vanilla syrup, then put those ingredients in here as well.

Add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract for the best results. Remember that this concoction is pretty strong so don’t add too much water or ice cubes! You can also serve it without any water if you prefer it with a thicker consistency. Finally, drink responsibly!

Step 4: Pause for The Perfect Cup

For the perfect cup of coffee, water quality is key. Use fresh, filtered water for brewing iced coffee.

Soak and rinse your filters before use. Preheat the pot by filling it with a small amount of boiling water and then pouring it out again. Grinding your beans in a burr grinder at home ensures a coarser grind that will extract more flavor from the grounds and give you better-tasting coffee in the end.

If you want caffeinated iced coffee, use one-half teaspoon per 8 ounces of brewed espresso instead of one teaspoon per 6 ounces of iced tea.

Stir together until dissolved before adding hot water or cold milk to fill up any container desired.

Step 5: Enjoy!

It’s summertime, and for some of us, that means finding ways to cool off. If you’re looking for a tasty iced coffee recipe, how about making your own Mojito-inspired Mocha Iced Latte? It’s easy! All you need is unsweetened ice coffee (or a different cold brew), soy milk or coconut milk, a few drops of organic vanilla extract, and white sugar or honey. Mix the ingredients in the glass and add ice cubes if desired. You can also add 2 tablespoons of white rum, which makes it even more like a cocktail!

Tip #1 – Getting The Right Ratio of Flavors

The only thing worse than adding too much sugar or using a packet of artificial sweeteners is adding too much water. One of the most important things when making any beverage is getting the perfect balance between flavors and ice so that it’s as iced as it needs to be and also not too strong. Adding enough sugar, artificial sweetener, or water can make all the difference in your beverage experience!

A lot of people think that espresso has more caffeine content than drip coffee but this isn’t true. Espresso machines brew coffee grounds at a much higher pressure which releases more oils from the beans- one small cup of espresso contains about 60 milligrams whereas one small cup of drip coffee typically contains about 45 milligrams.

Tip #2 – Start with Good Quality Iced Coffee Recipe

Place a 5-ounce french press carafe with brewing coffee grounds on the counter and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes. If you don’t have a french press, pour 8 ounces of hot water over 8 ounces of coarsely ground coffee in a heat-resistant glass jar and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.

To speed up the process, use boiling water instead of just hot water, or grind your beans at home before you leave the house. Once your coffee has soaked, slowly pour approximately 1 cup of cold filtered water over the coffee and wait 4 minutes before pushing down on the plunger slowly.

Tip #3 – Adding Sugar and Creamer is Optional

Mix all the sugar and a few splashes of water in the bottom of a coffee mug. If you don’t want added sugar, you can omit it or substitute it with your favorite syrup, but be aware that this will alter the recipe’s taste.

Next, stir your sugar mixture until it’s dissolved, and then add cold milk. The best thing about adding milk is that it takes away any bite from the strong espresso.

Then pour the espresso into your mug and stir gently to combine everything. If you like, top off with cream – but this is optional so feel free to omit it if desired! Moisturizing with cream can dilute the flavors if you prefer not to have any dairy in your drink!

Tip #4 – Other Variations

Interested in using this recipe as a guideline but with your twist? Here are some other variations that you can try:

  • Replace rum with whiskey or tequila and use peppermint syrup or simply mint extract instead of mint leaves.
  • Add crushed ginger to your coffee. Some people will also add vanilla extract and cinnamon if they want something reminiscent of the holiday season. Ginger would be the perfect compliment for fall flavors, such as apple spice tea, apple pies, pumpkin spice lattes, and more!
  • Use peppermint syrups with different flavorings. This is one way you can expand on the versatility of this drink.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving: Calories (kcal) 210, Total Fat (g) 1.5, Saturated Fat (g) 0.3, Cholesterol (mg) 5, Sodium (mg) 220, Total Carbohydrate (g) 38.6, Dietary Fiber (g) 1.8, Sugars (g) 27.2


What ingredients are in a mojito espresso in my cafe?

To make this unique iced coffee, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Tazo tea bag or Mighty Leaf tea bag (without bag)
  • 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of freshly grated lime zest
  • 4 cups of cold water
  • 8 tablespoons espresso roast ground coffee beans (freshly ground)

Pour water into the bottom chamber of a coffeemaker. Pour in the sugar and lime zest. Add the Tazo or Mighty Leaf tea bags without the bag into the top chamber. Mix gently, close, and turn on the coffeemaker. It will be brewing while you put your other ingredients together.

How do I make Croissant Royale in my cafe Game?

In my cafe game, there is a recipe for Croissant Royale that uses in-game ingredients and a Cazadero as the main ingredient. As players level up, more complicated recipes will be unlocked. For some cases, it may take time to unlock all of the recipes in my cafe game but for most cafes, all of the recipes will be available at level one.

If you don’t know what to make for your customers then either ask them what they want or start by unlocking some of the simpler recipes first and work your way up from there.  Good luck on your journey to becoming the best cafe owner ever.


If you are tired of the usual menu at your cafe, make a fresh recipe by adding new ingredients! Try adding this delicious and refreshing flavor of Havana Club 3-year rum and Bombay Sapphire gin in an espresso. It’s called a ‘mojito espresso my cafe’. Your customers will be amazed at this eye-catching drink.

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