Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo: What’s the Difference?

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew and the Keurig Duo are both types of coffee makers that make beverages from ground coffee, teas, and other hot beverages like hot chocolate or iced coffees. These two machines do have some similarities in their features and in what they can do, but there are also several key differences between them.

The following will describe the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo to help you determine which one may be better suited to your needs and preferences.

Key Differences Between the Two

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew (48 ounces) and Keurig K-Duo (20 ounces) are two of the best coffee makers in their price range, but there are a few key differences between them. The most obvious difference is that one of these machines brews for 12 cups at once, while the other only makes two cups.

That might not sound like much of a difference on paper, but when you consider how many coffee drinkers can consume a pot of coffee over just one morning, it’s huge. Another major difference is that one machine uses K-cups for brewing, while the other can be used with any type of ground coffee or tea, grind it up beforehand, or use bags and filters.

However, both of these products have been known to leak if they aren’t properly cleaned out after each use. And as far as taste goes, both machines do a great job of producing hot coffee quickly without sacrificing flavor.


If you’re a coffee drinker who likes to have options when it comes to your brew, then you might be interested in checking out either of these two coffee makers. First, there’s Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker which uses K-cups or fresh ground coffee beans. And second is Keurig K-Duo with Single Serve Brewing System and Built-in Grinder (which we will refer to as K duo).

Both machines can be used for single cups or bigger servings at once, each with pros and cons. Read on for an in-depth comparison between these two options.

The first thing to consider if you are considering buying a Keurig k duo is whether or not you need one. Sure, it looks cool and all but do you need one? Probably not. But if you want one anyway because of its sleek design, simple interface, and ease of use, then read on.

We will tell you what we think about Keurig k duo plus vs hamilton beach flex brew which is probably going to help make your decision easier.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Review

The Flexbrew allows you to brew up to 10 ounces with K-Cups or 14 ounces with coffee grounds. This makes it one of few single-serve machines that can accommodate both types of users and their varying needs.

The water reservoir holds 48 ounces, which is enough for several cups before needing to be refilled. And while it doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature like some other machines, it does have a keep warm setting that will keep your coffee hot for two hours after brewing is complete.

It also has a removable drip tray so you can fit travel mugs underneath without spilling any of your drink and so you don’t have to worry about getting burned when transferring from carafe to mug to avoid spills on your way out of the house in the morning. All in all, it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use.

Product Specs:

  • K Cup Compatible
  • Brew Size 10-14oz
  • Auto Replenishment
  • 2 x Reservoirs
  • 1 Year Warranty

Pros & Cons:

  • Ground Coffee
  • 4-12 cup Carafe
  • Fits Travel Mug
  • Fixed Reservoirs
  • 11.4′ D x 12.2′ W x 13.7′ H

Keurig K Duo Review

Single-cup size options are 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz.

 One of our favorite features of these machines is that you can choose from a variety of K-cup sizes. The smallest option, 6 oz., means you’re getting a slightly weaker brew than with some other machines.

Larger options, like 12 oz., make it easier to create larger pots of coffee for sharing or just enjoying over time. In terms of design, both machines are very similar in size and shape. If you want something smaller, go with Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. If you want something more substantial and capable of brewing multiple cups at once, opt for Keurig K-Duo Plus.

Product Specs:

  • K-Cup Compatible
  • 6-12oz Cup
  • Regular Brew
  • 60oz Reservoir
  • 1 Year Warranty

Pros & Cons:

  • My K-Cup Compatible
  • 6-12 Cups
  • No Over Ice
  • No MultiStream
  • 12.8′ D x 11′ W x 13′ H

Ease of Use

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to ease of use is what kind of coffee you’re making. If you’re simply wanting to brew a cup of filter coffee, there isn’t much difference between either machine.

Both are very easy to use and require minimal cleanup and preparation time. However, they both produce very different kinds of coffee. The Keurig K-cups are best suited for an easy, one-touch way to make a single cup of filter coffee.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, on the other hand, makes 10 cups worth at once. This means that if you want a quick cup of coffee before work or during your lunch break, you can just fill up your mug without having to wait for more than one cycle to finish.

This also means that if you have company over, all ten cups will be ready almost immediately after everyone has their preferred beverage. This brings us to our next point.

Ease of Cleaning: Another aspect that can be difficult about making multiple servings at once is cleaning. While neither machine requires extensive cleaning by any means, some parts do need regular maintenance and care.

For example, with the Keurig K-cup system, you’ll need to regularly replace water filters and descaling solutions as well as clean out any residue from previous batches.

On top of that, you’ll also have to deal with occasional clogs caused by particles in your water supply. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew does not have these issues because it uses ground coffee instead of pre-packaged pods.

Instead of using water filters as its counterpart does, all you need to worry about is keeping things clean daily which isn’t too bad considering how little mess each machine makes.

Water Supply: Now we come to perhaps one of the biggest differences between these two machines—the water supply required for each type of brewing method.

Brew Quality

If you’re considering a Hamilton beach flex brew k cup machine then you’ll want to make sure that it brews the coffee at least as well as an average of two other machines. At just under $200 it’s also pretty inexpensive compared to its competition which is $500 and up.

A cheaper alternative is a single-serve coffee maker by Keurig k duo essentials which costs around $150 but also boasts features like a larger water reservoir capacity and simple control panel, along with customer support.

While those features aren’t often associated with Keurig’s there are plenty of reviews to prove otherwise so if those are what you’re looking for, be sure to check out their model too.

Final Thoughts on Both Machines

After reading both of these reviews, you may find it hard to choose between them. In all honesty, choosing between these two models is tough because they each have strengths and weaknesses.

To make a choice on which one would be best for you, let’s talk about your needs. If you are a person who drinks both ground coffee and K-Cups daily, then go with Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. However, if you are someone who only cares about using your machine for single cups of K-Cups then we suggest going with Keurig Duo Plus.

The flexibility in being able to use either ground coffee or K-Cups is what makes Hamilton Beach FlexBrew superior to Keurig Duo Plus.


What Is The Best Duo Coffee Machine?

No matter what type of coffee maker you have, it’s important to keep it clean and well-maintained. Most modern coffee machines are built to last but may need some extra TLC now and then. There are multiple ways to take care of your coffee machine, but one, in particular, is preferable for most people.

However, before we get into that, let’s review two different machines; The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew and The Keurig Duo Coffee Maker. Both these machines are intended for a variety of different situations. They both work with K-cups so you can purchase your favorite brands from anywhere with ease.

Is The Keurig K Duo Worth It?

To start with, let’s talk about price. The K-Duo Plus is about $100 more than other brewers on the market. So, you must love your coffee to shell out that much dough for a machine that makes one cup at a time.

Keurig has said they’re working on developing a small appliance that will be able to brew larger batches in one sitting and we’ll have to wait and see how much it costs when it finally arrives. For now, there are other machines available for less money if you don’t want to spend so much upfront.

Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Problems

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a programmable coffee maker with a twist. Instead of being able to brew one cup at a time like a regular coffee maker, it can make up to 14 cups of coffee at once. This makes it ideal for small offices or large households.

However, it does have its drawbacks. Although your office mates will love you for bringing freshly brewed coffee around in style and ease, some users complain about leaks and unreliable performance. At least there’s always something to talk about over a cup of joe.

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